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Script writing challenge

Script writing challenge

I’m sick of directing movies written by me, and I want to try something new. Would you be interested in writing a short script?

It’s very simple. You have a week to write a script for a short movie. At the end, you hand it over, me and my colleagues check it out and write back to you with some pointers. If we like any of the scripts, we will, quite possibly, produce it with you as the screenwriter. That could be fun, right?

I am not supported by any organization or fund. I’m just a guy looking for good stories. There will be no prizes and no first places. Only my frank constructive criticism of your work and a remote possibility your idea being translated into a moving picture one day.

MORE INFO: Script_writing_challenge


[vimeo clip_id=”62059671″ width=”900″ height=”383″]

60 km/h down a ski slope on a cushion. Shot by Žiga Krajnc and me, edited by Peter Perunovic of Photography. Shooting conditions would best be described as frozen hell, but the light flashing through snow made it worth the trouble. The first slovenian Blazing was a success.